Run Defense+ AND Windows defender?

Hi, everyone.

New to Vista (resisted until just now, because I have to configure a machine for someone), but not new to 'puters, OSs or security.

But I can’t seem to find an answer to this question, anywhere. There seems to be a huge amount of overlap between Windows Defender in Vista and Defense+ in v3.11.xx. Is there any good reason to run both? Eliminating overhead is important to both me and the end user of this box.


With Defender you add an extra on access scanner that can help to catch more known malwares. For blocking unknown applications however D+ totally trumps Defender.

Thanks for the reply. I guess my real question is can I turn WD off and just run Defender+? One set of annoying messages is better than two. The ultimate user of this box is reasonably smart- I just don’t know HOW smart, if you know what I mean.

I just checked my settings for Defender. Apparently I have it running in the background but haven’t seen it pop up once… (Currently on Win 7 RC and haven’t totally fine tuned it yet). When you are worried about pop ups when installing for other users having only D+ makes sense.

Also check out: How To Achieve Max Security With ZERO Alerts!. This works very well when people don’t install new programs very often.

Thanks, Eric.

I think I’ll let both run for now, but tell him he can probably turn WD off.

Thanks for the other link, that looks like it will work well!