RUN CAV on vista?

I requested information a short while ago, asking when CAV would be available to run on Windows Vista.
The answer was “soon”.
IS there a more definitive date as to when “soon” is?

The new CAVS 3 should be released in full blown power at the end of Juli. We should see the beta’s between then. So : SOON ;D. As time shortenes I think we will get a new beta Vista compatible end of third - begin fourth week of June :). (at least I think that 8))


What about Vista (Ultimate) x64? Will CAVS run successfully with my operating system when it is released?

I hope so and I think so. It will be fully integrated in CFP which will evoluate to CIS (=Comodo Internet Security) which is already 64 bit supporting. :slight_smile: Anyway, it will be developt to 64bit in long term


CAVS 3 will support all XP/Vista 32/64 bit operating systems.

Production Release (Final) will be available in a few weeks…


It’s like waiting for Chistmas :BNC

Only a few more sleeps to go :slight_smile:

evoluate - a blend of evolve and ovulate - genetic engineering for the software industry perhaps - or the method via which vapourware, shelfware and neverware are created - CAVS 3 smells like one of those to me.