Rulesets For COMODO Firewall 6

Isn’t CIS 6 supposed to come with predefined rulesets for the Firewall component :THNK?

I hope you don’t mind, but I moved your post to the Beta corner.

As to your question, I’m not sure what you’re asking. Can you please be more specific or post a screenshot of the issue?


This is the image of the rulesets issue.

Description: The Firewall Rulesets was completely empty so I added 53 rulesets from applications. Was CIS 6 supposed to come w/ predefined rulesets?

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Yes it should…

Web Browser
Email Client
Ftp Client
Allowed Application
Blocked Application
Outgoing Only

Why yours doesn’t… I don’t know… why you created them as: Ruleset ## I have no idea.