Rules questions

I have read the faq which I found very useful. I now have a couple of questions.

1: I have 2 network rules and they are:

1 allow, ip out, source and destination is any
2 block tcp/udp in, source and destination is any

I have no network so I didnt make a rule for that. Is 2 rules sufficient?

2: For online games, is it best just to allow the applications internet access or create rules yourself specifying ports and IP’s?


  1. Those rules should be fine.

  2. When I am doing online gaming I personally disable the firewall, this way I do not need to worry about ports and such, and get the best online performance, however if you like you can simply create a network rule allowing applications through those ports. If you decide to make a rule to do this, you will need to move it to the top of the network monitor list (0).