Rules help

Something i just don’t get…
So i create a new rule, like SMTP server where i only allow local range to connect to it and any ip out, both UDP and TCP on ports 53 & 25.
So i set that rule to my smtp server.exe

Now i get an incoming connection, which i don’t want, and COMODO asks me what to do with. why? I just told him allow to… Do i have to tell it to block the rest?? It makes no sens to me.

Also i can create a bunch of rules / presets, but when an application is trying to connect to the internet, i just don’t have that rule / preset in my list, why?

Using xp 32, firewall supposed to be the latest as i downloaded it and installed it yesterday.
Defense+ is off and firewall is set to Custom Policy Mode.

Please help

May be this will help you further. The last step of the tutorial seems to be written probably for the old 2.4 Comodo Firewall. So follow my instructions under this.

To apply the zones use the Stealth Ports Wizard under Firewall → Common Tasks. Select “Define a new trusted network stealth my port to EVERYONE else” → next → select I would like to trust an existing My Network zone" and choose a zone name → Ok. Repeat this for all zones you want to add.

Let us know how things go.

Thanks but that was the 1st thing i did :slight_smile:

Also why don’t i see my predefined policies in the list when an app is trying to connect???

I forgot to add a url to my previous post. It was late at night when I wrote it and forget it. Apologies for that.

Here is the url:;msg84965#msg84965 . Make a network zone as described at the start of this post. In your case use and not

Then follow what I wrote about using the Stealth Ports Wizzard. This will allow network traffic without it getting flagged.