Rules for Synergy

I’m trying to setup the my computer running Comodo to be a Synergy server ( If I disabled the firewall it works (Allow all). But once I switch to Custom it no longer works.

App Database 3.0

Synergy 1.3.1

I have the application synergys.exe in the application monitor, skip parent chat, allow all activities, skip security checks, allow invisible connections. As far as I know the application should have full run to do whatever it needs to do. Any idea what I’m doing wrong here?

Allowing it in the Application Monitor does not automatically allow incoming packets from the clients. In other words, you have to create Network Monitor rules to allow communications between the server and the clients.

The easiest way - if you haven’t already done so - is to either run the Define a new Trusted Network Wizard or the Add/Remove/Modify a Zone Task 1

If that doesn’t help, then turn on Network Monitor logging to find out what ports are blocked (if any) …

1 Note that adding a trusted network/zone leaves your PC wide open to any host on that network/zone.