Rules break with some connection combination ( X32)


Core Quad, Windows XP SP2 x86 (+ some official fixes between sp2 and sp3), administrator, Comodo, Custom policy/Clean pc mode

I have a rule to block incoming rdp connection to my host (dport 3389):

block and log tcp in, src any, sport any, dst any, port 3389

I have 2 main connections. First is PPPoE (over WiMAX connection). Next is PPTP VPN (over previous pppoe). If i used first connection everything seems to be fine - connection to 3389 from outside are blocked. But when I connect to the pptp vpn and change some routes (using route add os command, to make desired traffic flow) the rule ‘breaks’ - i can connect to my host:3389 from outside (checked this using telnet from another host) :frowning: Also port 113 from became ‘open’ too.