Rules 1.06 Blocking many scripts

Hi Friends,

I updated the rules to 1.06 believing more stable than the versions 0.4X

But I started receiving many support requests and restored version 0.48

Anyone else had this problem?



Exactly the same here, lots of CMS issues so reverted back to 0.48 again

The new version of the rules 1.06 definitely has upset alot of customers so we had to revert back to version 0.48 on one server, and 1.05 on another … :frowning:

Same here, although I had problems with both 1.04 and 1.06. I have disabled rules that gave false positives, but I keep disabling the rules that give false positives. I’m not happy. I wont’t upgrade my other servers, I will keep them om the 0.4x rules.

1.03 and 1.06 was an absolute disaster for me. WHMCS installations had to have about 10 rules excluded. All WordPress sites had messed up backends until 2 rules were excluded, and yesterday was about the heaviest support day ever with all of the 403s generated on many, many client sites. I uninstalled Comodo WAF completely on all servers as it gave us a major black eye with our clients. Absolutely shameful.

Back to the atomicorp rules for me!

same problem here, 1.06 has issues so we reverted back to 0.48

I reverted to 0.4x as well. The 1.0x rules gives way to many false postives. Joomla contact forms won’t work, Wordpress admin pages won’t work, Virtuemart orders won’t work, and many more scripts won’t work, it’s a hell.

On one server I tried the new 1.0x rules, on that server there are 336 accounts. Within 24 hours I had 70 clients that emailed me about the 403 errors. Bad move those 1.0x rules.

This is the second time in a short period of time these rules have a severe customer impact. Going back to atomicorp might be the option, comodo is loosing credibility and we are loosing that as well with our customers.

The rules one week ago were ok. How can I revert to these?

Same here. Mainly using Wordpress, and there are so many false positives. Had also to revert back to 0.48

What really scares me is the lack of response from comodo to this issue… :-\

I am also scared!
At the moment the COMODO gave no satisfaction to users.
5 days without a response is troubling!

Most of 403 False Positives will be fixed with next update. We are working on this.