Rule # triggered in logs

I would have found it very very useful for debugging and creating rules if in the logs the number/name of the rule that triggered the event was listed.

That way I would know which rule on which side (application or global) was the offending rule that was not written properly and blocking traffic that I want. Then it would help me to narrow it down and much easier to tweak my rules.

You aren’t first, who asked for such ability. So again I agree - this is VERY usefull option

Looking for a rule that could create a “block” event in a hundred-rules-long ruleset makes one sick…


There are my posts with such petition also.

This is not novelty but standard firewall feature.

Great idea! More one vote. :-TU



Absolutely, should have been there in v2!


Every firewall should have it.


I asked for it in beta maybe even alpha