Rule set up - why still asking?


I like playing games on an online store (Metaboli) who use a central launcher to play each game.

This player (gplayer.exe) asked for permission to launch a particular game each time I started the game/programme, so I set up a rule that gplayer.exe is a trusted application. Each and every time I launch a game it still asks for permission. So I set up a rule for the launched game itself - still no joy.

How can I tell Comodo Firewall (3.5 on XP SP3) to shut up and allow gplayer.exe and its launched game through?

Thanks for your help.


Set D+ to training mode for a bit while you start and play the games. You may also want to disable balloon messages while you play.


Good point!

But it still says … has previously asked … can’t be recognized…

So it seems that some sort of information is being used by Comodo that changes in this program every time, which causes the firewall to ask. There must be some change, even if it is something trivial such as the date or time.

Can’t I “whitelist” the program by name or function only?

Thanks for any help is appreciated.