Rule for Skype. [RESOLVED]

I’m still a little lame when it comes to making rules and could use some help. (:TNG)

Set up says to use port 46331 with 80 and 443 as alternates. I unchecked these boxes. Right now, and before I hooked up a webcam skype.exe and skypePM.exe permissions are Allow IP out from any, to any, where protocol is any.

I guess I could also portforward my router (if necessary) since I’ll most likely set up a static IP since I plan on also using uTorrent using Pandlouk’s configuration.

Another question, if I portforward my router what happens to either program when I’m away from home on public wifi? Does CFP take over?

I use Yahoo Messenger and you do not need any rules honestly. Just make Skype trusted under the firewall and D+.

Easy enough.

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