Rule description not saved

This is not a major bug and the workaround is simple, but the issue is…

When you edit a existing rule just to change its description and press ‘apply’, the description change is not saved.


Comodo version:


edit: Sorry Ralph, a bit more explanation. The work-around might not be so straight forward… unless you’ve found something easier?

I create new rule in Predefined firewall Policies → application network access… → add new rule and enter own description. Click Ok. Than go back and edit description. Click Ok. description did not changed…

Action = Ask (enable Log as a firewall event if this rule is fired)
Protocol = TCP
Direction = Out
Description = Rule for HTTP requests
Source Address = Any
Destination Address = Any
Source port = A set of ports = excluded from privileged ports
Destination port = 80

Description = “Rule for HTTP requests” - can’t be edit anymore :slight_smile:

One more bug - if I set port from…to… I also can’t change it anymore

(only if un/check “log”-checkbox, save rule and open it and uncheck “log” back)