Rule "ask"

I was just trying to have some applications warning and asking me at every connection attempt.

Searching through rulesets I found “Ask” but it seams it won’t ask anything…

The next rule in the list is applyed, with no question.

KPF v3.0.13.268, XPSP2 up to date.

( I wanted to be warned every time IE wants to acces the web, as It’s not my main browser, and sometimes used in my back…)

“Ask” firewall rule doesn’t work at all for me under Vista Ultimate 32x. Just get a “block” instead, since that is the next rule. Seems to just ignore all "ask"s.

Same here. Having a rule with the “Ask” action is the same as not having that rule at all: CFP just moves on to the next rule in the list or pops-up an alert if there is none (or blocks when alerts are disabled).