rule 230010 not found


I have cwaf installed on 3 cpanel servers running the last version of agent and rules but rule nr. 230010 is not there.

Then I did a fresh install of cwaf on another cpanel server and the rule nr. 230010 is there.

What seems to be the problem ?


there is rule 230010 only for Apache and Nginx. If you use Litespeed, you don’t find this rule.
If not, please check file 09_Bruteforce_Bruteforce.conf.

yes, on those 3 server I use litespeed.

Then what is the proper way to block brute force attempts to wp-admin for wordpress using cwaf ?

Bruteforce rules are off by default because a lot of false-positives. So, just try to turn them on with Plugins - Comodo WAF - Catalog - Categories - Bruteforce Protection - On - Implement.