RTLO (right to left override) file extension spoofing Protection

a few days ago, I download mp4 extention file from torrent.
I double click it, but it is not mp4 file, but malware.
CFW 10 hips let it launched and useless in this case.

for example, when you double click “testrcs.pdf” file,
screen saver is launched.
In fact, it’s file name is “test<U+202e>fdp.scr”
you can copy and paste <U+202e> character from character map.

please show alert window when <U+202e> character is included in filename for protection.

FYI, most latest archive utilities have this protection.
for example, winrar show it’s extention as “test←fdp.scr” properly.
please check out attached zip file. It contain sample file.

You can view the extension of the files (which is hidden by default) by going to:

Control Panel


Folder Options/File Explorer Options



Uncheck “Hide extensions for known file types” and hit OK.

Other software have the hiding of the extension turned off by default. Windows has it on by default.
It’s not related to COMODO, but more to how Windows displays the extension.

Works fine now, also I disabled hide extensions for known file type in windows explorer.