Router traffic and uPNP - add router to trusted list?

Is it safe to allow all traffic from my IP to the routers IP (usually

The reason I ask is you get a lot of traffic between the PC and the router for services and uPNP (ping etc).

There are other people who share this router in my flat and at the moment I have all inbound traffic blocked and all ports stealthed.

If I add a rule to allow all traffic to (router), that’s harmless yes? I’m still protected from other computers on the local network (as they could get infected) contacting my machine, as they have other IP addresses like,3,4 etc and they are still blocked.

Hi spirits247,

Normally there wouldn’t be the need for to much traffic to the router.
Do you run p2p like software that needs incoming traffic?

Can you post a screenshot so we can see what’s going on?