Router set to Comodo DNS. What DNS to set for wireless Windows devices?

After setting up my wireless router to use the Comodo DNS IP addresses, all my wired Ethernet devices worked fine.

However, none of my wireless devices running Windows were able to connect to the Internet.

Why not? Apparently because I couldn’t figure out what DNS addresses I should place in their IPv4 settings in the Windows wireless adapter configuration! When I tried entering the Comodo DNS addresses, but when I did that I always got a warning saying something about having incompatible Gateways vs DNS addresses (or something quite technical like that). But when I tried to enter the Gateway/Router IP address as a single DNS IP (leaving the alternate blank), that didn’t work either.

So, what should I put in the Wireless Adapter → Properties → IPv4 → “Use the following DNS server addresses” → “Preferred DNS server” field?

IMPORTANT NOTE: I always use pre-configured / pre-defined MAC address to IP address bindings in my router (I don’t want arbitrary associations such as when using DHCP)