Router Security

I am just about to take on Vodafone Fibre which comes with a Huawei HHG2500 modem. I understand that the passwords are help by Vodafone and therefore my computer could be susceptible to Hacking.

If I also use Comodo free edition on my computer, which I do, will this stop any hacking taking place.

many thanks for any help

you need properly configuring and little patience cause it will block everything even safe files if you want it ı can give you link but you must be advanced user

There’s no reason why your Router passwords would be held by Vodafone, if you set it up correctly. They would only be known if you used the default settings:

Once you get that setup correctly, install Comodo Internet Security and come back to the forum with any questions then

Vadafone generates very strong passwords for routers. I don’t think that you should change something at all.