Router and trusted zone


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I have a WiFi router and 2 computers. I enabled UPnP at the router and later I may also forward some ports. I need file sharing between the 2 computers. I have created a new trusted zone which contains only the 2 computers’ IP address (got by static DHCP from the router). I allowed the 2 IPs for svchost.exe and System at Network Security Policy, but I blocked the router’s IP. File sharing seems to work. My question is: Is it really necessary and safe to add the router’s IP address ( to the trusted zone and allow it for svchost.exe and System? Or this way Comodo FW won’t filter any traffic coming through the router (requests from the Internet) anymore?

You can safely add the router internal IP to the trusted zone. The router will not substitute an external address by its own, so external traffic will still be filtered.

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