Rootkit Detected: Brand New Laptop - False Positive?

I just got a brand new laptop for christmas. The only thing I have done is turn it on, uninstall the Trend Antivirus software and install Comodo. Then I ran a full scan it Comodo Antivirus detected the following:

C:\ADSM_PData_0150 RootKit.HiddenFolder[at]0
C:\ADSM_PData_0150\db RootKit.HiddenFolder[at]0

C:\ADSM_PData_0150\DragWait.exe RootKit.HiddenFile[at]0
C:\ADSM_PData_0150_avt RootKit.HiddenFile[at]0

Now the fact that it has detected these as a rootkit and as hidden folders is scary for a brand new computer.

Does this look like a false positive or did the computer ship with a root kit virus installed at the Chinese factory ?

Hi comcity!

From what I can find, it should be a safe program. ADSM is short of ASUS Data Security Manager, a data encryption/decryption software shipped with ASUS-laptops.

Thank you I found it and I’m uninstalling it. I wish PC’s did not come with all this bloatware and its very difficult to tell what is legit and what is junk clogging up processor and disk space. Imagine how much faster the computers would be if they didn’t pre-install all this junk…

Hi. Just wanted to say thanks for the info ragwing. I did virtually the same thing as comcity and found the “harmful” result when I scanned.

For anyone that might happen upon this, my PC was purchased from Best Buy and the Model makes it part of the ASUS K52F/K62F Series.

Use revouniinstaller (free) to remove the extra ■■■■

But before uninstalling it could report these false positives to Comodo and may be request to have the program added to the white list in Submit Applications Here To Be Whitelisted - 2011?

That would greatly help Comodo and other users.

I have the same problem. but Comodo AV will not delete Rootkit.HiddenFolder@0.
Is afalse positive?
I’m running on Win 7 home premium 64 bit

Can you show the complete report? What is the file path it is pointing to?

I resolved the problem. It was the recycle bin hidden files folder.
So I added $recycle.bin to exclusions in av behavior. Problem solved.
Thank you for your response.

Sorry to barge in on this discussion.
Could i recommend slimware utilities slim cleaner.
It removes all of the pre-installed software that comes with new laptops.
It is really safe and a good program to use.

Many thanks.