Rogue's Gallery

I was reading this thread on blog forum. It has some info & screenshots of some of the current rogue antispyware apps. doing the rounds.
It amazed me just how professional these are now,with impressive looking programs and highly polished websites.It’s no wonder so many people are falling for these cons.

I agree. They look so safe and legit. :frowning:

It’s not an exaggeration to say that some of them look a lot better visually than quite a few legitimate apps. :o

Yeah i know :smiley:


I was making a website once, and I have gone through hundreds of pre-made templates, and most of those looked exactly like those templates I looked at. A lot of them are free from open source templates and the likes, so these scammers just pick a template and build a site in hours. That’s why they look so good – they are professionally made templates. :stuck_out_tongue:

everyone on the net, even the biggest noob can create a professional looking webpage by using very user friendly programs, templates and other tools… some people even sell malware kits, so the biggest noob can create malware…

Yah… Some of these rougue apps are very well made…

But if you look closely you see weird stuff, like spelling errors, logo’s that are not meant to be shown with a program, the use of language in some parts is not very professional, there is some contradiction, also it just seems the writer of this websites does not know how to write professional and informative stuff… just copy and paste…

but yes, if you do not look closely… you can get in serious trouble…

I totally agree with that. That was why I was so leery on finding good antiviruses/antispywares, just because on how many rogue products were out there in the world. That was until I found this site:

It is a really nice site that lists an extremely large portion of the rogue products, and they even recommended great legit solutions, that even I use today (SUPERAntispyware, Spybot - S&D, Ad-Aware).

I hope all those programs are in Comodo’s Anti-Virus Sigs. :expressionless: There are a lot of programs in that list. Can someone from Comodo confirm or deny which of those apps are in the sigs, and if some aren’t, can they be put in?