Roadblock from the start

I am a new user, trying to check out Comodo Dragon. I have the Dell Venue 11 Win 8.1 tablet, and have used Google Chrome for the past few years. The reason for the change is I would like a safer browser which has high enough security to allow safe online banking.

I downloaded latest version of Dragon, installed it, but it crashes with all attempts to open the browser. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

My first guess would be read/write access to your user profile (or a corrupted profile). Try running with admin rights even if your on an admin account. If no good do an uninstall , reboot, and install again by running as administrator.

Good Luck

Hi and welcome New Dragon User,
There appears to be some issues with system DPI set at 150% or above, the Developers are looking into this issue.
Try lowering the DPI settings of the system.
Chromodo Crashes Upon Second Use

Kind regards.