ROADBLOCK CCE first seems to load. - However several signs, signals the Opposite

Hello Forum Members, :slight_smile:
I am engineer use to IT and computers, and find Comodo Cleaning Essentials (CCE) to be an interesting tool to evaluate.

This stated, I’ve unfortunately run into a major roadblock: When running the CCE one year ago, I run into a problem during the CCE signature updating, which I hoped only were temporary. However this serious problem occurs again! I do not want to run the CCE scan on obsolete signatures, and I cannot solve it how hard I’ve tried. (I have looked through the threads as I always do before posting, and see that this problem differs; thus I post this major problem for utilizing the CCE.)

So I turn here, to be able to execute this interesting tool.


  • Download and extract the file: The directory size after the extraction: 43,0 MB.


  • run CCS.exe
  • started Smart Scan
  • Message: “Updating virus signature database.”
  • Message: “Downloading: BASE_END_USER_v26019.cav” [252 MB(!)]
  • Message: “Applying …”
  • Message: “Finalizing”
  • End message: “Cannot access virus signature database server.” [79 %]


  • The continual end message: “Cannot access virus signature database server.”
  • After the download and extraction the CCE directory is 43.0 MB. The program
    states that it among other things downloads a file of the size 252 MB. However, after
    the download and the message: “Cannot access virus signature database server.”
    the CCE directory is 85.1 MB only!

Please advice so it possible for me (and others) to run CCE process with confidence. Thank you in advance.

There is new version of CCE released. Could you check with that and see if that makes a difference?

Hello Eric,
Thank you for your reply.
As it have taken so long since I posted this, I was wondering how active this forum really is, and if someone would answer.

  • Where is the new versions for 32 and 64-bit available, which you are talking about I wonder? I was following your advice and when looking at the version (in VirusTotal) after the download - it is exactly the same version which I fetch a long time time ago!

  • Please advice. Thanks.

The latest release can be downloaded from Comodo Cleanning Essentials V10.0.0.6111 is released !. Releases are always announced in the News Annoucement and Feedback sections of the various sub boards.

The CCE board is indeed not very active. The development of CCE has been very much about the version that comes with CIS and not as much about the stand alone version. Hence why it has been quiet in the CCE board. But CCE as a stand alone program has not been forgotten.

Please post your observations about and wishes for the new version in the release topic.

Hello Eric,
When somebody has helped me I wish to return with a thank you.

I have been struggling with solving this topic in several different way, over a longer time. A person with less stamina would have been given up on the Comodo Cleaning Essentials (CCE)-product. However, I wanted to get the tool to work in order to be able to evaluate it.

Hope Comodo and this forum will have use of me taking the time to write the following feedback: I am a professional reviewer, and one item to take away from this is that it was impossible to join the forum the first time. Even when following the forum description step by step. With less motivation one could have been giving up easily. However, I tried a second time later. Another item of feedback that the Comodo cooperation undoubtedly could benefit from, is to be much clearer with the current version number - at the download site as well as in the file name (as they did before with e.g. version 2).

That stated: :slight_smile:

Hence as I wrote in the introduction to this post: When somebody has helped me I wish to return and report the outcome. - I have now performed the initial testing of the CCE Smart Scan – and I am glad to come back you Eric, to convey that the complete problem description in my OP now is resolved.

:slight_smile: Thank you for your time and cooperation; appreciate it. Hope this post of mine makes you glad in return! Have a nice day.

You’re welcome and thank you… :slight_smile: