Risks allow Keyboard and Protected COM interfaces?

For most of the games and applications that I have installed, I’ve to set the keyboard to allow in the HIPS rules, otherwise if leave it on ask, with games I have lags that follow each other after a few seconds, and with applications occur freeze for about 5 seconds especially with the windows for opening and saving files, but in some cases this is not enough, and I must also allow the Protected COM interfaces. I would like to know what risks I could run into if an executable to which I have given these permissions gets infected?

IF you allow keyboard for applications and infected for example, keylogger ou screenlogger capture your data…

NOTE: the risk of the happen is very down! :-TU

sorry my english!

Thanks for the confirmation, I imagined that the risk with the keyboard was that, in fact I only activated it for games and apps that don’t require password. However, I still have the doubt about Protected COM interfaces, searching with google I read that it has something to do with C++ programming, but I didn’t understand much, I hope someone can enlighten me on the subject and the risks it entails.

CIS protect all .exe files on your hard drive from being modified by Malware through HIPS or Containment.

There is no risk if you change the HIPS rules for a known safe Application and allow Keyboard Access or Access to Protected COM Interfaces. For a Malware to infect a known safe file on your PC it would need to bypass CIS protection layers in the first place (Auto-Containment + HIPS).