Rising antivirus

Has anyone uses Rising antivirus? It looks so cool

Here are the features that I found from its official website:

Zero-Day Computer Security Protection with Rising Cloud Security

Rising Cloud Security 3.0, with high intelligence performance based on strong technique support from Rising Cloud Security Data Center which is the largest one in Asia and, the most efficient Rising Antivirus Virtual Machine Technique, as well as Rising Virtual Engine Technique, to perform the most excellent platform focusing on intelligent data collection, automatic data analysis, and providing professional security solution against Internet threats, behaviors of malicious attack from hackers, habits of computer users setting computer security defense, and traditional computer security defense.
Computer Security Protection:

Based on triple layers security defense structure of Rising Cloud Security 3.0 and, integrated traditional monitor and intelligent active defense functions, Rising Antivirus 2011 instantly defenses personal computer security.

Advanced System Protection

File Monitor
Automatically intercepts and deletes Trojan, Backdoor, Worm, and other malicious viruses program while opening a file.
Email Monitor
Scans inbound (POP3) and outbound (SMTP) emails against Trojan, Backdoor, Worm, and other malicious viruses program.

USB Disk Protection

Automatically intercepts and deletes unknown Trojan, Backdoor, Worm, and other malicious viruses program while removable devices connect to computer via USB port.

Trojan Defense

Adopting Rising Dynamic Behavior Analysis technique on Windows operating system kernel and, intercepts unknown Trojan, Backdoor, Worm, and other malicious viruses program at real-time.

Browser Protection

Taking Rising System Kernel Reinforce into web browser program and, intercept unknown Trojan, Backdoor, Worm and other malicious viruses at real-time.

Office Software Protection

Automatically intercept unknown Trojan, Backdoor, Worm and other malicious viruses program and, prevent malicious attacks which exploit office software unknown vulnerability away while launching office software.

System Kernel Reinforcement

Providing professional computer users two optional customizable methods as Templates and Custom, to detect, monitor, and intercept all malicious behaviors from viruses program and, reinforce Windows system kernel.

I am trying it currently. Its a fully functional AV. Rising Free & Paid are same with no difference. Good Features like Signatures, Heuristics, Behaviour Blocker, USB Protection, Cloud AV, etc.

But checking some Youtube Tests, I think its signatures Protection is good but not great, Behaviour Blocker is quite effective, dont know how effective is its Heuristics.

Overall, I find it better that Avira, Avast, AVG & Comodo - This is just my personal opinion about Rising AV Free, not a statement or comparison of the free AV’s mentioned here.

But, I find that in many forums people say that Rising is not a trustwothy vendor for few reasons. Coz of these reasons few of Rising’s support sites are also rated red & blocked by WOT. The reason people mentioned was Rising created malware detected by rising to increase the usage & sales of their product.


There was a news about Rising company bribed the employee of China government to beat its competitors.

Here is the link about the news but it is in chinese.


And for your information, Rising company now is giving free lifetime use for its products but I think it is only for chinese version.

Here is the link

I am using english version of Rising Internet Security now with FOC(free of charge)…It looks quite nice in term of features but its GUI is quite complicated

I’ve tried Rising, both the free and the paid versions. Nearly no difference except the paid seemed to be a bit “kinder” to my system at 58 MB memory usage. Considerable time has been added to boot-up, application launch, packing and archiving, and file writing.

I don’t really rely on its behavior blocker and heuristics. It failed to detect three that Avast and Eset did. In three weeks time, I uninstalled it. I don’t recommend it.

However, it was a year ago. Whether or not it had improved, I’m not so sure.

Rising is good for Chinese malware. Most of malware came from Asia especially China.
So malware is coming around the world. I can’t rely on this.

But Rising is light on resource usage you can use it with old pc. (But I prefer Avast or comodo.)

Can you tell me how many programs are there in control panel related to rising. Here there are 2, Rising AV & Rising Software Deployment System for Rising Free AV. Can Rising Software Deployment System be uninstalled or it will affect the working of rising av?


Everything is free in china.

Also in Korea

They’re not available for other user around the world anymore. :embarassed:

The offline installers is not there anymore but I guess online installers will give the option to install in english language. I had downloaded the offline installer & was given the option to install in chinese & english language.


Sorry my mistake. Offline installers are there. Infact they have removed the online installers.


Nprotect gives realtime protection for free. but they don’t remove found malware offical Global website

Flyff and Rappelz uses Nprotect.

Valentin N

I’m afraid Global website of this product (that’s works like rogue) is no longer update anymore.
So I send email to them and nothing reply. Maybe they want to be global and still provide local. On their Korean site they have a lot of service include security blog that’s not available to real global user >:(

This one caught my eye, and i just had to test it out.I went to a site we all know well and picked out some trojans ect which were all zero hour (today) malware.

I ran these within Sandboxie, taking no chances, and behold 10 out of 10 all caught by the behavior blocker, and then ran the usual…Malwarebytes… Super antispyware… Hitmanpro… and all clear, checked Killswitch …nothing bypassed Rising.I like this one and i am going to trial it on one of my other machines… now that its free.Its extremely configurable does not seem to slow things down and full scan time is comparable to Cavs…I also have D+ and the Firewall from Comodo Installed and cant see much getting past that lot, and the difference… Rising already has the behavior blocker unlike Comodo, sure it will have eventually.


Yes I too think rising is a very good antivirus, especially its behaviour blocker. I always check the Malwares to be blacklisted thread under CIS here & check all the posted virustotal links. I have observed in VT links that rising detects decent but not that good. So I thought its not a good av. But when I checked reviews in youtube. Some guyz test the av’s & also check the malwares with the VT to see how many av’s detects them. I saw quite a few rising tests where the tester after testing rising checked the malwares with VT.
I found that in the test rising detected the malwares but in VT it was not detecting few malwares. So I came to know that in the test it detected the malwares with behaviour blocker & the detection is not there in VT coz VT has signature detection. So I think Rising signature are decent but not that good but its behaviour blocker is very good.

Rising Antivirus is light but Rising internet security was little heavy here i.e little slow down for everything.


@Naren.Yes, i am using Rising Anti virus and it does not slow my computer down. However,i would not ever consider any other firewall as long as Comodos firewall protects as good as it does now, hence i would not use any suite with firewall in it, only anti virus in combination.

I think you may be correct as to the detections mainly coming from the behavior blocker, i ramped mine up to high. Apparently it can identify legitimate apps when in high mode, but i am confident in dealing with that.It did identify one of Comodos files as suspicious and automatically put it in quarantine!.I have read it sometimes puts malware in quarantine without a pop up and the igster and some others testing on you tube have confirmed it does this when it cant clean it .

I have investigated further via many you tube tests ect and the general thinking on this app is…Its signatures are not the best and Rising is relying heavily on the behavior blocker, which like others can miss some malware, and tests have proven that it does.It makes me feel that i need to consider an av with better signature detection via tests, and the behavior blocker, but also feel a very light app in terms of ram is important too.

This leads me to Vipre anti virus, which as far as i can see has near on the lowest ram consumption out there and also excellent signature detection, mainly via Mrg and you tube tests.I have looked at The Igsters tests and Languys tests of this app, and it appears that when they check via Malwarebytes ect to see if there are any leftovers, then Vipre is one of the few that appears to come up totally clear more often than not.The only other app that i have seen do this consistently is Emsi anti malware with its two engines, but has much higher ram usage, and can be a false positive king at times.

I realise that Vipre costs money but there is always a discount to be found, and may consider this one as i like the addition of a good behavior blocker.


Hi dave1234,
Rising Antivirus is light but Rising Internet Security slowed down things coz of Rising Firewall. I tried Rising Firewall seperately & it kind of slowed down things.

                  Yes its signature detection is not good but behaviour detection seems good. Coz of this I too am little reluctant to use this so running Avast 6 Free & waiting for CIS new version. Lets see what it brings. 

                 Personally I like suites coz of no conflict/compatibility issues which can arise with any update/upgrade with FW from different vendor & AV from different.

                 And I am all for Freebies, no paid things when there are good & better freebies out there than paid.


In my above post I said RIS 2011 slow down things. I was wrong. I guess I had bad or corrupt install at that time. I remember that time after installation & update when Rising asked for restart & the system was shutting down there was a BSOD but after restart everything was fine with Rising so I thought no probs. But there was little slow down with every activity so I thought it was coz of Rising. Now again I have installed RIS 2011 & no BSOD nothing this time & the system is running light as usual.

I think Rising is free from the official site too. Coz I downloaded RIS 2011 from official site & installed & this time there is no notification like trial version for 30 days, the activation/registration/trial window which was there previously & which use to popup after installtion is removed too, now no such thing. So I guess though the offcial site still has buy/trial but the softwares are free.


There was a test done by China PCLS lab, you can use it as reference…
Here is the link:

Good to see that most of you like this software! ;D ;D
To tell you the truth my uncle was the one who founded this company in beijing!! :slight_smile: