Rising antivirus V16

Hi, anyone here has tried to use the new Rising antivirus software?

Here is the link:

The installer contains English language so it’s not limited to chinese users only but too bad, the english language version still haven’t get ready yet

Is this Rising’s new AV?

There was an ongoing beta of Rising AV 2012, what happen to that?

Is this new Rising AV english version fully usable i.e usable with all its defenses? May be I will test it.

I tried to test it but currently it cannot be installed in english version as the selection of english is greyed out.

But it seems it is Rising Antivirus 2012 as the file version was 24.x.x

2011 version was 23.x.x

So may be its Rising AV 2012

i test it soon

Am I the one who think the interface look likely Kingsoft ???

I don’t recommend this software. It’s really a poor product for the protection.