Right way to upgrade CFW from to

I’m running Win10 x64 1607 and Comodo Firewall

The CIS 10 announcement post says:
Please note that updates are not available for now, existing users on v8.x and v10.x can make a re-installation for CIS 10 latest version. Updates will be available with next coming release.

So I downloaded the latest “cmd_fw_installer.exe” file BUT, just before launching the re-installation, I was caught by a doubt (should I uninstall 8.4.0 first?) AND, above all, by the subtle fear of loosing all my current firewall settings (application permissions and so on).

So I’m asking:
how should I proceed in order to end up having CFW 10 with my current 8.4.0 settings?

Thanks for any help

Some users said they experienced issues. Might be better to wait for internal update if you’re so concerned.

Thanks for your quick and clear and quite useful advice.

I thought (hoped…) that maybe settings could be exported from 8.4.0 and then, after re-installation, imported in 10.0.0

Maybe the announcement would be more thorough with a little addition like:
existing users on v8.x and v10.x can make a re-installation (loosing settings!)

I’ll surely wait for the internal update.
It shouldn’t be so hard, after all. :slight_smile:

you can export your settings from v8 and import them on v10, but it’s not 100% sure that it’ll work