Right Click scanning - not always work

CIS 7.0.317799.4142


it seems that right-click scans do not always happen

nothing happens

not always, but fairly frequently

i know there are some threads on this but the ones i found were kinda old


Could you provide a diagnostics report?

  1. how do i submit this?

  2. is this viewable publically, or is this private to the comodo staff?


You attach it. Select “Additional Options…” > “Attach”. If you cannot attach something, you have to zip it mainly.

Everything is public (restricted to registered users). It’s a public forum.
If it matters that much, you could zip the data with a password and provide it in a private message.

As there has been no reply, I will move this report to “Resolved/Outdated Issues” section.

Thank you.

how can i trigger a diagnostics report?

i’ve been looking around but i so far can’t find anything


i am trying to send a PM, but i don’t see how to attach the file in a PM, can’t find any button for it(?)

how can i send you the file in a private message?


■■■ dont allow attaching files. you have to upload it to a cloud service and give a download link

win vista 32 bit


just updated

still will not do right click scans (or struggles to render a scan window), but most of the time it never does the scan