Right Click scan with Comodo and Drag and drop file scans do not work?

I have seen some other older postings of this same problem but I have not seen any answers posted for the solution? I am running Win10 Pro on a X64 bit machine. If I try to scan a file via right click “Scan with Comodo” or use drag and drop method, the GUI scan box opens and says “finished” scan with “time of scan” always equal to zero? I have also tried very large files with no luck. The event logs always shows the “file name” scanned and “# of files scanned -0, and found -0” The same thing happen with dragging the file into the scan box area of Comodo.

Does anyone have an idea of how to fix this?

Make sure what you are trying to scan is not part of any defined AV exclusions and that any file or compressed folder is not larger than 40 MB. And finally it could be that whatever you are trying to scan has already been scanned by the realtime scanner so it won’t be scanned until a new AV database is installed or the files are changed since last being scanned.

There were no files etc in the exclusions section. I did try to scan another 4 to 5 random files and finally did get one to scan. When you have scan optimization turned off as I do and have the AV set to “Access”, shouldn’t Comodo always scan the file regardless if it was scanned already? Originally I had Comodo optimization on and later changed it to “Access”. Would Comodo still remember that it was scanned even after I changed the setting? I think the reason it does not scan is like you mentioned that Comodo scanned it already and found it safe but I would think if the AV is set to “Access” that it would always scan the file regardless. Am I right or not?

I know whats wrong, there is no way to set scan options that are specific to on-demand scans such as from the context-menu and/or drag and drop to CIS interface. The only way a user can set specific scan options is via scan profiles, so if you disabled scan optimization in any scan profile, those settings only apply to that specific scan profile. When you use the drag and drop or context menu scan, CAV uses default hard coded settings, one of which is to enable scan optimization along with maximum file scan and scan priority. There is a wish in the mod tracker to be able to set scan settings that apply to context menu/drag and drop scanning.

Ok, thanks for all the good info and thank you for all your help.