right click open link in virtual and a virtual button for dragon

right click open link in virtual and a virtual button for dragon this way i can type a site in and hit the virtual button to enter the the site but it open in virtual mode instead of regular. also add virtual incognito. that way if you want to open the site in virtual but also in incognito you can do so with one action instead of 2. if you have cis set to exclude browser data from being excluded this could be useful

forgive me if I have misunderstood parts of your wish :slight_smile:
You can add web browser data to the sand box exceptions already,
Incognito mode to me is redundant when the browser is been run virtual - after a reset all stored data/cookies etc are gone although a secure sandbox deletion method would ensure this deleted data is gone for good.

I do think that’s what OP was saying, but if you exclude the browser data then the virtual browser will still save data on your system that is not removed when you reset the sandbox, hence OP wants an option to use incognito in virtual, to which I have to ask: Isn’t it already possible, if you go into virtual and then start incognito mode? I have V23.4 so I can’t test.

What data is not removed ? I thought A sandbox reset reversed all changes made by a virtual process.

It is possible to go incognito from virtual dragon.

If data has been downloaded to an excluded destination (for example shared space) it should not be deleted after running “Reset Sandbox” This is because it’s downloaded the the excluded folder. If you trust the browser data then such things as history, cache(?) and cookies(?) could be left even after a “Reset Sandbox”
I THINK the reason for this behavior is probably that the “Reset Sandbox” only kills the sandboxed applications and then removes “C:\VTRoot” but I am not sure whether that is all it does, could a mod or developer or someone that knows better please confirm or put me straight about that?

I misunderstood, I didn’t realize you meant with exclusions to the sandbox.
I think every thing is removed on reset with default settings as they are no exceptions to the sandbox except shared space.

Yes indeed that is how it works on default however I was going out from the standpoint presented in the OP which was:

Edit: However that very sentence is confusing me now since excluding browser data from being excluded is basically still sandboxing the browser data, that is unless OP wrote one “excluded” too much.

Lol :smiley:
I aren’t certain either…

yes I meant to say if you have cis set to exclude browser data from being sandboxed. as far as using incognito in virtual mode I’m aware that it’s possible but not the way I’m saying. I’m saying have the option to go icognito, virtual or incognito and virtual in one click from the dragon eye and when right clicking on links. It’s a convenience feature. Call me lazy I don’t care lol.