Right click "Open link in new tab"

I wish that when I right click on a link and choose “Open link in new tab” that the new tab would be shown immediately. Or at least have the option to do so.

Hi Jamin4u,
This can be done by holding Ctrl+Shift then left click link, this shifts the focus to the new tab.
On some systems not all, holding shift and centre click works.
Alternatively this can be done with the use of an extension.
One example below or searching the chrome web store might find one with more options.
Tabs to the front!

Hi captainsticks,

Tabs to the front was also suggested at another forum I belong to. I’m sure it would serve the purpose, but I keep the number of extension I have enabled to a minimum. It would be nice to see this built into CD.

Edit: I just picked up on your shortcut suggestions.

I’ll pass these shortcuts on…

Thank you

Hey I agree with your suggestion, my idea was just a workaround. :-TU

I also agree in keeping active extensions to a minimum, TBH I am not mad about the need for extensions.

It seems a pity that most browsers are intentionally leaving out or removing functionality to allow for 3rd party extensions to replace the functionality.
I personally see only commercial reasons behind this because there surely is no security gain, quite the contrary really.
Using a browser for its security ability and then adding a heap of extensions is defeating the purpose IMO.

Sorry my edit above was delayed. :wink:

I just edited my post above to acknowledge your edit.

Your thoughts are right on the money. :wink:


You’re right, I find it very strange Comodo, or should I say Chromium development, does not implement this future.
Every other browser has the possibility to go to the the tab after opening a link in a new tab.