right click freezes my laptop

I do not know if this is right place, anyway you must know.

  1. CPU 32 bits
  2. Windows XP Home SP3
  3. CIS 3.9… 509, WinPatrol, GeSWall, Avira on demand, MBAM on demand.
    CIS defense+ safe mode, firewall safe mode, antivirus stateful.
  4. The screen freeze when I right click any folder or the Recycle Bin, especially when there are two or more programs open, then have to reboot to use the Pc. With earlier versions of 3.9 also occurred, but now it is more frequent.
  5. Now I’m trying antivirus On Access.
  6. CIS when the screen freeze: defense+ safe mode, firewall safe mode, antivirus stateful.

I see you are running another firewall, GeSWall, together with CIS. That can be a problem. Disable GeSWall reboot and see if the same thing happens again.


AFAIk GeSwall isn’t a firewall, but I will try uninstalling it to see what happens.

Hi Rolo,

Does th9is happen all the time? Or do you have a specific folder that this happens all thet ime?


Hi egemen:

This happened two or three times a day, after a few hours of use of the laptop. Any folder in particular.
Going to try to empty the trash, want to move an update to a program from the desktop to another folder, or just scan a folder. Then had to restart the laptop to use.
uninstall geswall and so far has not happened by now, but I have been using ubuntu 9.04 since uninstalling geswall, so it’s too early to say that the issue is resolved. Take a few days to see what happens.
I like Cis, and his low resource usage. Is a great piece of software.


Thank you for your feedback. We will try to test with GesWall and see if we can reproduce the issue.


You might also try disabling Avira Context Menus (Has to be done via add/remove programs), which has been reported to cause this problem and cleared up the issue that appeared on one of my systems after upgrading to Avira 9.

The Context Menus would be active on right click even though Avira was set to On demand only.


Hi Joe345:

Avira rigth click is disabled (Explorer Shell extension), only on demand scans, and the CIS memory and cpu usage is fine.
I have a license from Avira Premium until august but CIS use less resources, and the firewall is strong. Avira just in case I have to do a occasionally scan.

Thanks egemen for support.


i read somwhere (wilders ?) GeSWall and comodo firewall compliment each other.

i think the problem maybe D+ and GeSWall