right click context menu win explorer

The right click context menu in windows explorer doesn’t work anymore. Just a pop up informing an error occur and I must run a diagnostic tool. Using this tool in Comodo nothing wrong my installation are fine.
So I can’t scan one file from windows explorer. How to fix it?

Tks in advance

Welcome Miselsen!

Can you please uninstall CIS and reinstall using the latest version.

If the issue persists, Then please list your Operation System here and other security software installed.


I have the latest CIS installed, anyway I download again and uninstall CIS, including removing all references from CIS in register. Install again but the issue remains.
Using widows xp professional with all patches until today 16/06/2009 (dd/mm/yyyy) I don’t have other security software installed and xp firewall is disable.

Tks in advanced

Hi Mielsen & welcome to the Comodo Forums, download this freeware here; Multipurpose DLL Information & Registration Tool and then revisit the same site to get free activation for this particular tool right from the site itself, then once that’s done use this tool to locate cavshell.dll in your Comodo Internet Security directory and click register from within Emsa Register DLL Tool. Reboot your system thereafter, you should now have right click context menu access to Comodo Antivirus scanning for individual files or directories :-TU
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