RFEs: Defense+ Installation mode display and selection of pending files

Just a couple of minor suggestions for improving the UI for Defense+:

(1) Make it MUCH easier to tell when Defense+ is in Installation mode. As it is now, when you’re in Installation mode and you open up the firewall and click on the Summary tab, there is a small clickable link in the “Proactive Defense” pane saying “Switch to Previous Mode” which, I have come to realize, means that you’re in Installation mode. This is a rather cryptic way of telling users that they’re in Installation mode; there should instead be a much more explicit notification to tell you when you’re in Installation mode.

Possible better solution: a simple toggle that says “Turn on/off Installation mode” or “Switch into/out of Installation mode.” (It would be nice if this option was available via the tray icon, too.)

(2) In the “My Pending Files” window, make it possible to select a range of files by holding down the Shift key. As it is now, the only options are to select all files or to select files individually.

Thanks for listening. So far I’m really LOVIN’ version 3!

fully agree with the suggestions, especially #2 !!
i’m begging you.