Revoking Free Certificates

I had email certificates (free) issued for two email accounts. I reinstalled my OS and now signed & encrypted email is not available.

How can I get these free certs. revoked so I can reapply?


It is amazing that you have had to wait so long and still not a single reply!

I am facing a similar issue. If you still have the original email they sent you, then towards the bottom there is a link to revoke the certificate…but you must know the password / revocation code that was used originally. I either have a problem with mine, or more precisely my password manager has somehow lost it or I deleted it inadevertantly, and now I am stuck, not knowing how to proceed, and that’s why I came to this forum, but I guess I cannot wat a few months for an answer :wink:

Please register for a Support Account and submit a support ticket via our support site of

Thanks for very prompt response :slight_smile: , in the meantime I found that on another thread and did it, also a second thread mentioned to send and email to support (cse-support[at] so I also did that !

I included the original registration email to support my request, so I hope that is sufficient.