Revocation of Current Wildcard SSL Certificate - When?

Just want to verify the information I have been told and it seems to vary between companies.

We have a wildcard certificate that exists on many hosts, that is up for renewal at the end of the month.

In order to avoid any downtime I want to know when the current certificate will be revoked upon renewal? This time frame seems to range. Some say immediately upon renewal your current certificate is added to the CRL. Some say 72 hours. And then some say the current certificate will remain valid until the expiration date.

I want to get ahead and start replacing the old wildcard with the new wildcard. However, there may be a case where I miss a host or time runs out. Trying to be prepared.



If no one on the forum can answer this then I suggest contacting support by submitting a ticket here:


I did. Still waiting.

Comodo doesn’t have to revoke a certificate that expires. Once the date on the certificate itself is passed, browsers won’t trust it.