Revo Uninstaller and the dangerous flaw

Well, Revo did help me remove a couple of traces of rogue programs so I guess I’ll take it as a pseudo-security product. ;D

So what’s the danger? Well, Revo Uninstaller has been my personal favorite since I first discovered it. And I have been using it for a year now. Since then, I have had no trouble with it at all. Until that faithful day…

Log file handwritten. Started logging after printer stopped working. Original file on notepad. Notepad crashes at one point. Have to write log instead.

2:53 PM August 21, 2010, Saturday. The printer stopped working. Tried to trace what caused the problem.

4:52 PM same date. Could not trace problem. System restore did not fix problem. Backup did not fix problem. Printer still not functioning properly.

8:23 PM same date. Tried reinstallation. Uninstalling with Revo

8:31 PM same date. Restarted PC, stuck on startup splash screen.

8:33 PM same date. PC is nearly unusable. Network no longer functional. Cannot run programs via explorer. Worked around via Run function. Applications crash a few moments after launching.

8:45 PM same date. Restored from Revo. No longer stuck at splash screen. Applications crashing. Printer error. Hardware error. Cannot capture screenshot.

9:27 PM same date. Cannot trace. Applications crash even in safe mode. Nothing else to restore.

August 23,2010. 7:43 PM. Will try to fix with reinstallation of printer.

8:05 PM. still no luck. preparing to reinstall OS.

10:40 PM finished installing OS and drivers.

11:34 PM installed all needed software. Running on basic mode. Did not install printer. Now using revo portable. reluctant to install.

4:30 AM August 24, 2010. will try to reproduce problem. installing printer. HP

4:46 AM finished installing. uninstalling via Revo uninstaller. Program traced. No other application running except advanced task manager. Checking for other processes. Non-detected. No internet connection.

4:52 AM. Problem reproduced! Stuck at splash screen. Cannot connect to internet. Proceeding to reinstall OS.

Any insight? Should I keep Revo? :-\

well seeing as it is a very safe application i would keep it. The problems you are having could have been caused by the rouge programs.

What rogue programs? There are no rogue programs. I did a reinstallation of the OS with the only installed software being MS Office and Safari 5 (This is basic mode for me :D). Advanced Task Manager is portable so there was no need for me to install it. It was not even used nor was it present in the system the first time the problem occurred. And by the end of the log, I tried to reproduce the problem which was a success. So where are the rogue programs? The system was clean of any virus or malware.

Note: I still recorded your vote though. ;D

Keep Revo: 1