reviews missing

We have enough user trust reviews to show our rating on the user trust logo and it was showing until recently.

Now some reviews have vanished and a review we had not approved has appeared.

It is necessary for you to address in support system to having specified a problem in section UserTrust. Also specify the login, password and domain name.

Feedbacks which have not been approved in a current of 30 days, are approved by system automatically.

Thanks for using this system.

One BIG PROBLEM right now is that…

Confirmation emails going to visitors who provide feedback have two problems that need to be fixed immediately:

  1. Correct the grammer. Just say, “To confirm your feedback click this link:” Instead of the nonsense it says now, “To confirm your feedback follow to next link:”

  2. The link is NOT click enabled. The link is there but can NOT be clicked and must be copied and pasted into the users browser. Most people will not do that.

Please fix these immediately as it is basically a useless service right now because people are being required to confirm their feedback yet are NOT able to do so

Thank you,