Review compare Comodo Internet Security vs AVG vs Avast ....

Need some trusted review compare Comodo Internet Security, AVG, Avast, AVIRA…
% detection, memory use, Features…
Someone help me?

someone can help me?

unfortunatly I don’t know all the exact numbers or anything, but CAVS has a lower detection rate then any of those 3 you mentioned, but give it time and things might change. On the plus side with CAVs you don’t have to worry about nag screens (Avira) or updating problems (Avira, Avast) and it is fairly light on resources (AVG). As for the ammount of resource each use, the best way would be to try each one out. But don’t forget, don’t try all of them at the same time or you’ll likely have to send you compy to the shopy :). Do one at a time and then remove each with a full restart and I would recommend uninstalling each with REVO uninstaller cause it’s quite handy and gets rid of alot of the extra stuff that isn’t always removed when you uninstall something.

CIS’s memory usage is extremely low (~5-7mb for both processes for me) compared to others.
The database is up to date with recent signatures, but mainly lacks older signatures. The database is growing rapidly with approximately 4,000 signatures in each daily update.
The AV part of CIS is very basic because it is very new, but there will be many new features added added as time goes on.

I have to 100% agree with FaZio. Though sometimes performance isn’t only to do with numbers, You could design an AV that is incredibly light on RAM but it could scan like a snail. I think it really is best that you try all of them and see what fits you best.

I find that AVG is not to be thought of anymore…It’s slow, It’s detection rate is pretty poor. Avast! is great, Although I really love the feature Comodo has (Defense+). I find that on my system Comodo is faster than avast! and is lighter on my resources, especially while gaming.
Avira free doesn’t protect you against spyware\adware etc… Only protects you from viruses. Avira premium (Paid) is probably the best on the market right now, But if your going for free - It would be between Avast! \ Comodo.

I personaly think comodo is the way to go.