Review Comodo Dragon

Hi guys,

I am currently looking for Comodo Dragon BETA testers to provide reviews of the browser so far, giving their thoughts and opinions on why the browser is a better option over Google Chrome. These reviews will be used to increase popularity of the web browser and be posted on our Comodo Browser Fansite.

If you’d be interested in writing a short review of the browser giving information on it’s pro’s and con’s, please send me a message with your writeup.

I have contacted the Comodo Sales team about potentially forming an affiliation with them in the direct hope of promoting the brand further.


Note on most pages its says : "2010-03-20 :: admin // Comodo Browser + Download Comoso Dragon "

Thanks for pointing that out, issue resolved! :slight_smile:


Read your PM’s.

I have edited your links, for now.



I have replied to your PM and am happy to confirm I have now resolved the issue with Melih. :slight_smile:

I have some questions about Papworth’s new blog:

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Will the blog promoted in these forums be AD-supported?
There have been many reports of the Comodo Browser freezing when users use the address bar to conduct a search. Reports suggest only some Comodo Browser users are experiancing this issue and as of yet it’s unclear whether this is a software or user based issue.

I managed to find one bug-report by a single member. That’s a bit too short of “many reports” what about the others? ???

While the Comodo Dragon browser remains in BETA testing, small issues such as the one described above, of course, are to be expected. Other issues, including seemingly random Comodo Browser crashes are also being reported. While these issues are proving annoying to the comodo BETA testers, it is hoped the solution for for these bugs will be fairly simple to implement.

There are actually final versions available (by now) despite the blog claims otherwise. ???
Could you clarify the reason issues “of course, are to be expected” with Dragon?

As for crashes it looks there was one report

Due to the Comodo Browser only being released so recently, I don’t think anyone could have expected to avoid minor issues along the way to developing the browser so it’s ready for a full release. It’s now over to the Comodo team to ensure they overcome these obstacles.
...which indeed is kinda good for a product just claimed to remain in beta considering crashes (minor issues apart) are/were reported for final versions of any longstanding browser out there.

Whereas such “to be expected” minor issues implicitly included “many reports of the Comodo Browser freezing” wouldn’t this and other blog’s comments seemingly understate the current stability and quality of CD?

Indeed many can reasonably expect no issue will affect them even though issues might happen to few (even with final versions of whatsoever browsers).

PS: ATM there is still a “Click Here to Download Comoso Browser Today!” on the blog