Retaining scheduled restore task

I’ve read through multiple threads to get an answer and tried various things but I’m getting more lost the further I go into it.

After Microsoft announced Steadystate was to be discontinued I decided to look around for other alternatives since that’s a dead end with regards to upgrading machines in the future to Windows 7, etc.

I came across Comodo Time Machine which seemed like the perfect answer. I installed it on a few test machines and all seemed to go well aside from the following problem.

I am attempting to lockdown public access machines by installing CTM, setting the baseline so it’s as I want it and then adding a scheduled task to restore to baseline on system bootup. I have developed some code which then does the updating (as per Steadystate) every week from Windows Updates and virus definitions and the idea was that this same code would then commit these changes to the baseline snapshot using the CLI tools.

However it appears that when you reset the baseline you lose the scheduled tasks. At first when reading it seemed to be classed as a bug, but I attempted to use the BETA and it still persists. On further reading again, it appears that this is by design.

Somebody in another thread mentions for it to work you should restore to a snapshot other than baseline, however how do I proceed to ‘update’ this snapshot every week. Or should I just take another snapshot and restore to the current one? I’m confused ???

Thanks in advance for any replies.


When you reset baseline, the baseline is reset and other snapshots are deleted, so the restore schedule tasks are deleted. That will avoid the error. CTM doesn’t provide the function to update the snapshot.

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