Results Of System Scan?

Hello. I installed CIS free yesterday for the first time. I ran a scheduled scan. It found three things. Two were a firefoxbackup.exe, and one was my CoffeeCup free zip software achange.exe. It says it detected them, and under status, it says, “success” What does that mean? Success at what? There is nothing in Quarantine. I take it these are false positives?

What are your settings for when the AV finds something with a scheduled scan?

I think I took care of it. In scheduled scans, I now have the “automatically quarantine threats” box checked. I also added those three .exe files in “exclusions”. I ran another scheduled scan, and it came up clean.

I have another question. How come the “automatically quarantine threats” option is not listed in the manual scan settings? It’s listed in both the schedule scanning settings, and the real time scanning settings.

Just thought of something else. My version of CIS is 3.13.126709.581. Is that the latest version. The reason I ask is, I read a review of CIS, and it said the version was 3.5.

I apologize for all the questions. I really like CIS, and I’m trying to figure things out.

Yes, you are using the latest version. 3.5 was released around a year ago.

Thanks HeffeD.

Could you possibly answer the other question I had?

Why is “automatically quarantine threats” not an option in the manual scan settings, like it is in both the schedule scanning settings, and the real time scanning settings?

I never knew it wasn’t there because I never use that feature. And I currently have the AV portion of CIS uninstalled so I can’t check it out.

Just a guess though, since you are obviously going to be sitting in front of your machine when you initiate a manual scan, you are right there to take action. Whereas a real-time or scheduled scan could occur when your machine is unattended, so some users may find it preferable to have the AV jump on it without needing their interaction.

Good point. Thanks HeffeD.