Restricting user access to the firewall


I wonder how can user access to the firewall can be restricted , thus preventing the user from changing the security level, unblocking applications that has been blocked by the administrator.

Any thoughts on this is most welcome…



Maybe try to run the the computer primarily under a limited user (I am not sure if this will work)?? it works with my anti virus and some other programs.

If you do not know how to create a limited user account in windows, Google should yield some results or I can post instructions if requested to do so.

I don’t believe there is a password protection setting in the Comodo Firewall??

I believe this will be added in version 3.

ewen :slight_smile:

guy’s that reply was quick … thanks for the info…


It would be a great thing to see a password added. As it stands, anyone who might be at my PC can change or interrupt the firewall if I am say, cooking dinner or something like that. A very handy thing for those of us with children or others we may not want tp be messing around and going to sites unknown. (:TNG)
A little off the topic, maybe some kind of web site restricter, like a parental gaurd or something would be the bomb. :BNC
I know we all want alot, especially when its free, but isn’t that usually how it goes. Peeps kinda wierd like that (:KWL) But dont get me wrong, (S) and I cant wait to be able to start helping a little more with your beta’s and what not when I have my own PC. :THNK