Restoring Operating System

Not to get too far afield, but if you can verify/know for a fact that you were not provided with a copy of the OS by the retailer that sold you the machine, I’d go back and raise the roof on them! It is a part of the licensing structure that they (as a legit retailer) must provide a copy of the software (including OS) that is installed on the machine; even if it’s an OEM-type install. In some cases, they may provide you a “rescue” CD, which will contain the OS.

But just think about it… what would you do if your system got trashed for some reason, and you had to reinstall (or even repair install) the OS? Without a copy of the OS you’re toast; perhaps even burnt toast… Especially with MS’s anti-piracy efforts thru licensing, validation, etc.

Some dealers charge a fee for “after-the-fact” OS copies; but usually when the customer has lost theirs, and nowhere near the cost of the OS off the shelf from MS.


The scenario you’ve just painted in your post LM about my OS getting trashed in the future is indeed a frightening one and how I’d be at a lost by then since I dont have the Windows cd. I should really get back at the retailer asap about it. As of now my pc is still working fine. Haven’t done yet the searching & checking for the files. Just thankful for now thinking about what ~cat~ said reassuring me that those files involved should reload upon booting up again or as said by Kevin my pc probably “self-healed”.

Hello Dante

If you didn’t receive a windows cd-rom then your manufacturer must have some of hidden backup partition. Normally you can access it when you boot your pc. Normally you will find which button you have to press to start the recovery/repair process. The options you have could be different e.g an option to just replace the windows files.
That is for me the case. Normally you should receive a recovery cd-rom,original windows cd-rom or a hidden backup partition.


Not true. Hasn’t been that way for several years. I know on some PC’s that don’t come with any type of rescue CD, they have a program that allows you to burn ONE copy of a rescue CD, but you have to remember to do it otherwise you are out of luck.

My understanding is folks got in trouble becuz they were selling new machines with installed software. Problem was, they were using a single copy of Windows (or other software) and burning it onto multiple computers, and then not supplying the user with any documentation (ie, licensing) or copy of the OS. This is in violation of copyright laws (at least in the US). If they install licensed software, they have to provide the copy to the user in some form, along with documentation (such as license key, etc).

However, MS doesn’t seem to care about users in this predicament. They simply say they have to follow up with the retailer. I came across a lot of this when XP stopped working because I made too many hardware changes; a lot of folks with the same issue found they were up the creek when they went to MS for help, but had no copy of their OS (all this since the advent of MS’s “activation” & “validation” modules, to prevent privacy. Yuck!


I’ve enquired from 2 pc retailers near us and they’re one in saying that they are indeed not giving any OS cd-rom together with pc bought from them…precisely because of copyright issue ie. some other people might make a copy or reinstall in another pc the OS cd-rom that’s given with the bought pc. They are also saying about “recovery cd” or “system recovery” to be done by the customer himself. When I checked on my pc there is indeed a Start>All Programs>System Recovery with 2 more files under it ie. Recovery Media Creator and System Recovery. When I click on Recovery Media Creator it says “A Recovery set has already been created for this PC. You are not allowed to make another set”. This is probably why JimmyD in his post above said “I know on some PC’s that don’t come with any type of rescue CD, they have a program that allows you to burn ONE copy of a rescue CD, but you have to remember to do it otherwise you are out of luck”. As far as I can remember I havent created any. I haven’t tried clicking yet on System Recovery fearing it might wiped out my current OS and restore a new one(considering the fact that my pc is still working fine as of now…not yet the right time). So the scenario when my OS will stop working is still a chaotic one since I don’t know how to reinstall my OS.

Yes, several makers are pulling this little cutie stunt!! Gee… you’d think the 10 cent blank CD would bankrupt them!!!

IF you system came w/ restore partition, it is suggested you immediately burn 1 or 2 backup copies of the partition so you have them if all *** breaks loose. Manuf. should push this aspect more diligently! :THNK
Better still, they should include BOTH OS & Drivers Disk always ( preferably without all the junkware they tend to add in or at least put junkware on a separate cd from main OS & Drivers).

Remember XP OS only has a few basic drivers!! Majority (MB/Sound/DVD/etc.)you need are NOT part of OS itself!! Often can be had from device manufacturer’s site (Intel/ Pioneer/ATI/ etc. Good Luck! (:WIN)

Your easiest option may be to expend a few $$ (probably 30 - 50 US) to get some imaging software (Acronis TrueImage, Norton Ghost, Miray HD Clone, and so on) to be able to create image copies of your entire system (such as on a separate drive), that can be used to restore everything in one shot; preferably from outside the operating system (from a bootable CD).

There are also (a little more technical) ways to create a bootable custom install (or rescue) CD that will have all your current config on it.


PS: I’ve split out the discussion on the whole OS restoration issue and moved to the General boards, since we’ve gone a bit far afield on that, from the original issue of deleting files from FP trojan alerts. We can continue in more detail there…

To go along with what LM said, Bootback (Leapfrog’s snapshot technology ) has saved my computer on several occasions.It’s the best $64 US I’ve spent for software especially if you trial a lot of programs.
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