Restoring Old Ice Dragon Data

Hi There, (:WAV)

I am new to both Comodo and the Ice Dragon Browser, but so far I really like it alot! I have just had one glitch.

I downloaded and Ran Spybot search and Destroy 2 and after it finished, Ice Dragon couldn’t go online. I didn’t (at that time) know what to do so I wound up resetting CID, and uninstalling SSD. This worked, and a folder showed up on my desktop called “Old Ice Dragon Data”.
Is it possible for me to put some of that back into Dragon? I have already manually fixed my settings but I would like to have my WOT(Web of Trust) button and the bookmarks if possible and I didn’t see a way on the menu or in the first3 pages of this forum, or via searching. Can ya hep me?

Thank You,


PS. If anyone knows of a good add-on where I can make the font my tabs either bigger, or bolder, or better contrast, that would be cool to. Sometimes I’m as blind as a bat. :wink: