restored, where are my files?

I’ve been running CTM for 5 months on my Win7 home PC. My PC got f-ed up where I couldn’t access CTM and had to restore to may 9 using Win 7 restore. I assume that the CTM files from July are still on my drive, but Win 7 thinks that its May, so it doesn’t know hoe to let CTM access them. Does anyone know how to get CTM to see backups files “from the future”?

CTM stores the snapshots in the free space of the disk. It’s a restore tool, not a backup. Windows can’t see the files without the CTM driver installed and running. If you use an external DVD to restore the computer, the snapshots are gone and you’ll have only the baseline of May.

For the future, update your baseline from time to time. Use backup for your important backup and data. Don’t f… your computer :wink:

Can I point CTM to the July CTM image?

Did you uninstall CTM? If not, you can.

I ran CTM and got a msg that it needed to be reinstalled, so I did so, I have to think that the CTM images weren’t erased, tho. Can’t I find those? What are the CTM image file extemtion so I can search for it with my recovery tool?

Look, people do a lot of confusion about CTM and does not understand the real technology behind it.
It’s not a backup tool. It’s a system restore one.
There are no images, no backups. CTM is not for that.
You have snapshots of the files in the disk, using the free space of the disk. If you uninstall CTM, Windows cannot see the snapshots, even if you reinstall CTM, the disk state (the snapshots) is lost. Maybe advanced restoration tools (like Recuva, Paragon Backup & Recovery, Easeus Data Recovery Wizard and so on) could read the free space and try to restore some of the files. I’m not sure.

Got it. Thanks.

Here’s the real problem: by restoring back to May, I lost my last 3 months of photos, including my daughters wedding photos. Yes - I know, I’m and idiot for storing them locally. I know that rolling back a few months didn’t delete the photos, just deleted windows’ pointers to the photos. Ultimately, I’m just trying to find a tool to find those photos on my C drive.

there are some of those tools in UBCD4WIN, I had to use them to recover this guys photos and work content too when he somehow lost the mrb, partition and all of that, it took me 4 days of constant work.

Why can’t we have a safer solution from Comodo itself?

his problem had nothing to do with comodo, he lost his data because he was turning off his computer using the power button instead of going through the normal procedure.

Really? Seems that CTM has a part here… See first post. Am I wrong? ???

yeah you are, you quoted me saying it took me 4 days and they you started talking about CTM. I told you the problem that took me 4 days to fix had nothing to do with CTM.

CTM stores the snapshots in the free space of the disk. It's a restore tool, not a backup. Windows can't see the files without the CTM driver installed and running.
Correctly !

Hi kihi.lind:
I’m sorry for the late reply.
It seems that you have reinstalled Windows but not uninstall CTM first. In this case, your protected partitions will return to baseline and all the files which created/mofidied after the baseline will be deleted.
I am very sorry there is no tools can recover the lsot “data”.

Best Regards

Maybe it would be good to alert users (webpage, help files, etc.) about this “limitation”.

Yes, we will. Thanks a lot.


For the record, I didn’t do a hard shutdown. I rebooted after I lost web connectivity, thinking a reboot would help. I can’t believe I’ve lost those photos forever!


kihi.lind, what did you do?

What is restoring here? A snapshot restore of CTM? Used Windows DVD?

I used the Win 7 DVD to boot up, not reimage the PC. The Dvd made me roll back to the last saved image, which was May.

No guarantees buddy but if you haven’t used your comp too much you may be able to use this nifty app.