Restored file going to wrong folder

I’m testing out Comodo backup and everything seems to go well except for actually restoring files. I’ve done a full backup and then set up incremental backups to occur each night. The problem happens when I go to restore a file. I tried to restore a file to my desktop and it went into the documents folder. I also tried to restore a file from a subfolder under wwwroot. That file restored to C:\users\David\app data\wwwroot\stuff\test.html. In that case it had to create the wwwroot folder within app data to restore the file.

Can anyone explain this behavior?



As far as I’m aware, you have the option to restore to original location where the source file was backed up from, or you can choose where to restore the file. I’m not sure why it would restore to a different location.

That is my understanding as well. But, when I try to let the files be restored to the place from where it was backed up, it just decides to restore to some place else.