Restore to replacement SSD

My SSD c drive has failed (Win 10). I have a Disk, Partitions and MBR backup on a non system data disk. How do I restore this without an os to run CB?

Hi Douand,

When you had your system up and running, did you create a rescue disc, from the settings menu ? - screen shot attached. I have not tried creating a disc in Win 10 but if you did, you maybe able to use that, but I have not performed a bare metal restore either for Win 10 only Win 7.

If not, then I’m afraid it is do a nice clean install of the OS, install COMODO BackUp and then restore your files.

Thanks for the response.

I had to go with the second option. I loaded a clean copy of Win 10 to a HDD and installed CB. Then added a new SSD (GPT formatted so CB could find it) and restored the Disk, Partitions and MBR backup of the old SSD to the virgin SSD.

The restore seemed to work, though when I boot from it I get a blue screen with a NFTS File System stopcode.

Any suggestions?