Restore Task Problems

I help manage a number (50+) of public machines at sites across a large geographic area. All Windows 7. All of them are Dell computers, but they range from ancient Dimension towers to brand new 9010AIOs. We use CTM (2.8.155286.178) to restore each one to baseline every night.

On a regular basis, I have a couple of machines a week that fail to boot Windows after a restore to baseline task. It usually takes the form of a black screen/white text indicating there is a problem with the boot\bcd or a message about inserting the Windows install disk to continue. Almost every time, running an OS repair using the Windows install disk automatically repairs the problem, boots up, and is good to go.

What I want to know is how/why does the boot\bcd error occur. Is there something I can do to prevent it? Unfortunately, I don’t have the full problem message in front of me, but I am hoping you guys know what I am talking about.

Thanks for any info you can provide.

Hi, check out what ExoStum had done on the last post. Also you may try CTM2.9beta, I have been using it since Jan 2011 and without any problems on XP and Win7 32bit platforms.

CTM 2.8 is much faster. I prefer it.