restore quarantined = lose access (v3.8.64264.468) [RESOLVED]

Someone else have found this?

Some files were quarantined, but were FP.
Did a restore from quarantine.
Lose access of the files! ACL is OK. Issue with CAVS.

translating pop-up: “Windows can’t access the specified device, path or file. Maybe you don’t have the adequate rights to access the item.”


well, first I tried to run the restored app with the AV disabled and I got that message from WINDOWS.

then, I did an inclusion of that folder in the “Exclusion List” of AV. At this time I can access/execute again the file.

I can say that the behavior is OK, but the message sent should be like this “app flagged by CIS, if you want to run it please include it at Exclusion List”


Same problem.
I had two files from same folder quarantined. First one I successfully restored, but for the second I got restore failed.

MJ, did you quarantine from a USB??? AFAIK, CAVS restores the file to the same folder from where it quarantined… I don’t know for sure… but if you delete the folder or removes the USB I don’t know how it will react (I have never checked it) may be something like your problem … cannot find the path specified.

No USB. Hard disd volume D single logical partition.

Hard disk info: Western digital 320 gb —WD3200AAKS-00B3A0

As I sad, two files from same folder where quarantined. I successfully restored first file, but I could not the second one.

I managed to restore the file from quarantine.
The original scan that i have performed put a file i quarantine.
When I run a second scan of My computer, comodo detected in his results the files that were already in quarantine, and I checked to put them in quarantine.
So I had a same file double quarantined. :THNK
First time it was quarantined from location -----D/Software/.exe
Second time it was quarantined from location ---- C/Program files/COMODO/COMODO Internet security/Quarantine/
When I tried to restore first file it could not because of the second quarantine.
Restore the second file first, and then restore the first file.

PC: I have a whole bunch of files quarantined two times.

It was nice to know that your problem is solved…